Remembering Shadow

It has been one year since we lost our sweet Shadow. I had an amazing 12 years with him, he and Buster had an amazing 7 years together, and Wilma and Shadow had an amazing 3 years with him. He really took a piece of my heart with him when he passed. I feel peace looking at endless photographs and videos of him, our Adventures, and the simple times at home. I always hope that he and Buster and are enjoying themselves wrestling, and cuddling. Today I choose some of my endless favorites, and for those of you who did not see my collages from last year I figured I would put the link below so you can see more. I cannot believe it has been a year, but am so blessed that he had 12 wonderful years in this world, changing my life forever. Cheers to my special boy!

Remembering Shadow: Remembering Shadow

Remembering Shadow with Wilma: Remembering Shadow and Wilma’s Adventures Together

Remembering Shadow with Buster: Remembering Shadow and Buster Together

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