September 13, 2018 -White Farms Homemade Ice Cream – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to White Farms Homemade Ice Cream in Gloucester, Massachusetts. White Farms Homemade Ice Cream just recently opened in April of 2018.

We had a delicious Adventure to the White Farms Homemade Ice Cream stand. I was hardly up the steps to the window when the employee asked if the dogs could have some ice cream. Of course I agreed, and Shadow and Wilma quickly gobbled up their ice cream as we both watched the adorable licks.

The menu was unique with flavors grouped by colors. I was anticipating ice cream, but decided to order an orange sherbert shake, as there were no seating opportunities for guests. The perfect to-go treat that I savored on our drive home, just delicious (Rating: dog ice cream: 4, Shake: 4, Location: 3).


September 13, 2018 – Stage Fort Park – Massachusetts

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In July 2015 Shadow, Buster, and I also visited Stage Fort Park. These types of Adventures are my favorite, the Adventure where all three of my best friends had the opportunity to explore the same location! Sadly Buster has passed away since, but he definitely enjoyed his share of adventures. He was an amazing boy, and will always be missed.

Stage Fort Park is a historic park in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It was in 1623 that Gloucester’s first settlers set up fishing “staging” on this land. The area was fortified until the Spanish-American War. The Park includes: a gazebo, several beaches, recreational facilities, a privately owned restaurant (open seasonally), and gorgeous coastal views.

We had a lovely Adventure to Fort Stage Park. I was humored viewing photographs from our Adventure three years ago noting the similarities in both the weather, and our “hot spots”. Highlights of both Adventures included: relaxing on the beach, digging in the sand, and enjoying the spectacular coastal views. I also found myself drawn to the gigantic rock, and the unique cement stairs along the paths. We walked around the park savoring the spectacular coastal views, climbing on the boulders, and checking out the canons, and Fort area.

After exploring for a bit we headed to the beach. Wilma dipped into the water, deeper then most days, although soon becoming spooked by the waves. However, Shadow showed no fear, enjoying sitting, and dipping in to the ocean water. The beach was inspiring, and relaxing, always a peaceful oasis. On our first journey we watched the scuba divers, while on yesterday’s Adventure there was a low flying helicopter exercise on display. The park overall was simple, but had spectacular rocky coastal scenery, and some unique features that we thoroughly enjoyed (Rating: 3).

September 13, 2018

July 25, 2015


September 13, 2018 – Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I attempted an Adventure to the Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge was built within the last twenty five years and is just forty three feet in length.

I debated posting on our Adventure today, as we technically never made it to the Bridge. We drove back and forth on Magnolia Road before I finally located the Bridge out of the corner of my eye. The Bridge was on the land of a private residential home. The home was located on a busy street, so snapping a photograph from the car was not even an option. I did not know that it was located on private property, so was very disappointed. Even Shadow and Wilma seemed eager, and then confused, as I drove back and forth searching for the Bridge, never arriving for our Adventure. So my advise to you today is, do Not Adventure to the Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge, as you will NEVER arrive (Rating: 1)