September 13, 2018 – Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I attempted an Adventure to the Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge was built within the last twenty five years and is just forty three feet in length.

I debated posting on our Adventure today, as we technically never made it to the Bridge. We drove back and forth on Magnolia Road before I finally located the Bridge out of the corner of my eye. The Bridge was on the land of a private residential home. The home was located on a busy street, so snapping a photograph from the car was not even an option. I did not know that it was located on private property, so was very disappointed. Even Shadow and Wilma seemed eager, and then confused, as I drove back and forth searching for the Bridge, never arriving for our Adventure. So my advise to you today is, do Not Adventure to the Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge, as you will NEVER arrive (Rating: 1)


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