January 26, 2020 – Stacy Esplanade/The Lucy Brown Davis Pathway – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Stacy Esplanade and the Lucy Brown Davis Pathway in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  I debated blogging this Adventure as I found limited information identifying specific details on these locations.  However, after researching for a bit I discovered we had walked on the Stacy Esplanade and The Lucy Brown Davis Pathway.  The Lucy Brown Davis Pathway commences at Fort Stage Park, and appears to end where the Esplanade begins.  Along the Esplanade you will find landmarks, including:  the Blynman Bridge, the Gloucester Fishermen’s and the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial.  The Esplanade is also part of the extended walk of the Gloucester HarborWalk.

We had a wonderful coastal walk along the Stacy Esplanade and Lucy Brown Davis Pathway.  It was an unusually warm day, the blue sky filled with spectacular clouds.  We enjoyed our walk, the warm sun streaming down upon us.  There were several places where we were able to walk down and explore the beach.  I am guessing the tide must have been out.  The water was gorgeous, the waves small but singing grandly.  Shadow and Wilma enjoyed sniffing and exploring on the beach, while I appreciated the coastal scene.  We visited the statues along the way and imagined how gorgeous the walk would be with the flower beds in bloom.  It felt like a spring day, just perfect.  A simple, but scenic walk today (Rating: 3).



December 14, 2019 -Gloucester Harborwalk – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Gloucester Harborwalk in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  The Harborwalk is a walkway and walking tour along Gloucester’s waterfront and historic district.  The Harborwalk is a 1.2 mile path that has an additional 1.6 miles of an “extended walk”.  It follows 42 granite “Story Posts”, and has an option for “smart phone” informational connections at the marked “postcard” locations.

We had a foggy Adventure to the Gloucester Harborwalk, on an unusually warm December day.  Although we have been to Gloucester numerous times this was the first time we followed the official Harborwalk (and extended walks) throughout the town.  We were pleased to find free parking and began our walk along the waterfront.  I loved seeing the scenic boats, and numerous lobster traps, a genuine coastal experience.  The path followed the water, weaved in and out of various areas, and often followed the main roads, passing local shops, restaurants and landmarks.  It was a bit challenging to stay on track as I continually had to pull out my phone to view the online map, which was not largely detailed.  Throughout our Adventure I enjoyed watching Shadow and Wilma take in the new smells, they almost look like tourists at some points staring off into the water to experience the sounds and sights.  Surprisingly Wilma seemed a bit uneasy at some of the coastal smells, even though we have had many previous coastal Adventures.

My favorite parts included:  the famous Gloucester’s Fisherman Memorial, the coastal sites, walking adjacent to the water, and the holiday decorations throughout the town.  Along our travels we located someone decorating a Christmas tree with buoys, just perfect!  I loved seeing lights on the trees, the holiday wreaths, and other various decorations in sight.  One of my favorite photographs was one of Wilma peering at the statue of Fitz Henry Lane statue, quite humorous.  If I only knew what goes through her curious, little mind.  Overall I did not find the Harborwalk too interesting, but of course we enjoyed a long, often fast-paced walk, and another new Adventure.  Just as I often say “Don’t let the rain stop you”!  (Rating:  3).




May 4, 2019 – Ravenswood Park – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Ravenswood Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Ravenswood Park is a 600 acre nature reserve made up of over 10 miles of trails.  It is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had a dreary, yet inspiring Adventure to Ravenswood Park on another rainy morning. Expecting to have the place almost to ourselves, it was a surprise to arrive with not one parking space available.  Luckily we soon found a guest leaving so we were able to park and begin on our journey, quickly grabbing a map as we entered the reserve.  I was disappointed to have to weave through some out of control dogs before we began exploring.  However the moment we arrived on our first trail we felt at peace in the great outdoors.

We began our hike on the Magnolia Swamp Trail, then traversed some small trails in between before finishing on the Ledge Hill Trail.  The Trails were clearly labeled, a common and helpful perk of the Trustees properties.  It was thrilling to see the bright green of spring, even feeling joy from seeing weeds, moss, and “normal” leaves.  There were boardwalks surrounded by Fiddlehead Ferns and beautiful Canadian May flowers. Throughout the Park we observed boulders off all sizes, one even appearing to have green hair, causing me to chuckle.  As you may guess my favorite aspect of the Park were the long boardwalks throughout the swamp area. One unusual feature we also located was a mini quarry along the trail.  There was even a spot with a view of Gloucester Harbor from afar.  It was as if the more you walked the more diverse the experience became.

Yet another dreary, walk in Massachusetts, but still a wonderful hike in Ravenswood Park.  If you may be wondering, I located Ravenswood Park through the Trustees of Reservations.  I would encourage you to check out the Trustees of Reservations, as you can search for properties in your area.  Many of the land, trails, and properties are absolutely lovely, and the Trustees of Reservations does wonderful work to preserve the land and history throughout Massachusetts.So glad we could visit Ravenswood Park today (Rating:  3.5).


September 13, 2018 – Stage Fort Park – Massachusetts

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In July 2015 Shadow, Buster, and I also visited Stage Fort Park. These types of Adventures are my favorite, the Adventure where all three of my best friends had the opportunity to explore the same location! Sadly Buster has passed away since, but he definitely enjoyed his share of adventures. He was an amazing boy, and will always be missed.

Stage Fort Park is a historic park in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It was in 1623 that Gloucester’s first settlers set up fishing “staging” on this land. The area was fortified until the Spanish-American War. The Park includes: a gazebo, several beaches, recreational facilities, a privately owned restaurant (open seasonally), and gorgeous coastal views.

We had a lovely Adventure to Fort Stage Park. I was humored viewing photographs from our Adventure three years ago noting the similarities in both the weather, and our “hot spots”. Highlights of both Adventures included: relaxing on the beach, digging in the sand, and enjoying the spectacular coastal views. I also found myself drawn to the gigantic rock, and the unique cement stairs along the paths. We walked around the park savoring the spectacular coastal views, climbing on the boulders, and checking out the canons, and Fort area.

After exploring for a bit we headed to the beach. Wilma dipped into the water, deeper then most days, although soon becoming spooked by the waves. However, Shadow showed no fear, enjoying sitting, and dipping in to the ocean water. The beach was inspiring, and relaxing, always a peaceful oasis. On our first journey we watched the scuba divers, while on yesterday’s Adventure there was a low flying helicopter exercise on display. The park overall was simple, but had spectacular rocky coastal scenery, and some unique features that we thoroughly enjoyed (Rating: 3).

September 13, 2018

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July 25, 2015


September 13, 2018 – Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I attempted an Adventure to the Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge was built within the last twenty five years and is just forty three feet in length.

I debated posting on our Adventure today, as we technically never made it to the Bridge. We drove back and forth on Magnolia Road before I finally located the Bridge out of the corner of my eye. The Bridge was on the land of a private residential home. The home was located on a busy street, so snapping a photograph from the car was not even an option. I did not know that it was located on private property, so was very disappointed. Even Shadow and Wilma seemed eager, and then confused, as I drove back and forth searching for the Bridge, never arriving for our Adventure. So my advise to you today is, do Not Adventure to the Sawyer Pond Covered Bridge, as you will NEVER arrive (Rating: 1)