September 1, 2018 – Littleton (Includes the Riverwalk Covered Bridge) – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I visited Littleton, New Hampshire. This was my third visit to Littleton, New Hampshire (having been there with Shadow, Buster, and My Mom, and also with Shadow, Wilma, and My Mom). Littleton is on the northern side of the White Mountains. It is well known for the shopping district, historic buildings, the art scene, and the Riverwalk, (which highlights the Riverwalk Covered Bridge). Littleton is a popular area for tourists, and has even been voted one of the best towns in the USA.

On our first two trips to Littleton we mostly spent our visit on the Riverwalk, and exploring the Riverwalk Covered Bridge. The first journey was quite a rainy day adding great stories to our Adventure. We found a little restaurant along the water providing us some cover from the rain, hot drinks, and of course the perfect scenery for some photography. Our second trip was a bit drier, yet cooler. On this journey we especially enjoyed some photography along the rocks. It was also a great location for our afternoon picnic. Both visits came with stunning Fall foliage!

On our most recent trip, just yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I attempted to explore various features of the town, including: the downtown shops, the Riverwalk Covered Bridge, and the Pollyana statue. Our first stop was the Pollyana statue of which I had read about and was therefore very excited to see this landmark. A fun statue, bringing smiles to the faces of visitors. We quickly noted the “Polyanna theme” was plastered around town with paintings on the crosswalk stating “stop look wave”, and banners throughout stating “The GLAD town”. This theme definitely provided an inviting and positive vibe for the community, and its’ visitors.

From there we strolled around the shopping areas. We were soon greeted by a store owner providing treats, and water, and letting us know the shop was “dog friendly”. There were numerous piano’s along the streets, again adding a theme of harmony and cheer. We also viewed numerous, beautiful flower arrangements along the shops, and roads adding a colorful touch to the area.

Our last official stop on this trip was a walk along the Ammonoosuc River, and the Riverwalk Covered Bridge. We savored a nice long walk through this gorgeous, and scenic Bridge. Although soon into the Bridge poor Shadow became nervous, but he made it through victoriously! Relieved to be on solid ground, he quickly forgot all his worries with a dip in the River. The dogs enjoyed exploring the rocks on the River, while I snapped numerous photos. After were finished at the River we decided to take a longer loop back. This provided a picturesque view of the Bridge, from afar. Definitely a beautiful Summer day to be out exploring the town of Littleton (Rating: 4, Bridge: 5).

PS – Don’t you worry we did find ourselves some afternoon ice cream!

September 1, 2018




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