December 23, 2018 – Marginal Way – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. This was at least our third trip to Marginal Way as we have also been there with Buster and my Mom. Marginal Way is a well known, coastal, cliff walk along the Atlantic Ocean. The path is approximately 1.25 miles in length, looping along the coast. It is lined with benches, lovely landscaping, and has beach areas along the way. It is dog friendly from October 1 – March 31.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to Marginal Way. We picked an exceptionally breezy, and sun-filled winter day. We were pleased to find very few visitors, leaving us to especially enjoy the tranquility of this magnificent trail. The water was crashing along the rocks, creating a lovely song, and quite a picturesque scene. We walked along the trail, taking time to climb a bit on the rocks, and of course snap some photographs along the way. Unlike most of our previous visits the tide was in, leaving no sandy beach to play, or spots to sun bath in the warm sun. However, we did wander down to one of the beach areas, filled with perfectly rounded rocks. Fond memories of Buster and Shadow playing on the beach filled my heart as we enjoyed this spot. We did not stay long in this area, as the rocks were a bit unsteady.

We then headed up the stairs from the beach, continuing on the trail. Approximately halfway down the path we arrived at the little wreath adorned lighthouse adding quite the scenic touch on this coastal stroll. We of course took some photographs of this lighthouse, before returning to our walk. Although we often walked at a good pace, we did not miss a moment to enjoy the full sensory experience.

After finishing the trail, we wandered through the vacant, holiday adorned town, before heading over to Ogunquit Beach. We were disappointed to see that dogs were not allowed, so walked nearby viewing the vast blue colors of the sea. We soon headed back to the Marginal Way finding the “footpath”, an area of the path that is separate from the main trail. We then returned to the main sidewalk back to stroll along the cliff-lined trail. Although the brown Winter time of year, the beauty of the Ocean, rock covered cliffs, and symphony of the crashing shore makes this location a one of a kind experience. Definitely one of the best coastal strolls you will find in New England. I cannot even imagine how beautiful it must become in seasons of bloom. Below you will find a collage of our different visits, all together. If you are ever in the area do not miss this fabulous location (Rating: 5)

One thought on “December 23, 2018 – Marginal Way – Maine

  1. This is such a great place. It makes me want to go back there again. Our last time was years ago with your grandparents. Your cousins watched warily as I ate a lobster in a nearby restaurant. Your Gram loved being on the beach on that fine summer’s day.


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