March 3, 2019 – Hilton Park – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I made a stop at the Hilton Park in Dover, New Hampshire, on the way to our main destinations.  Hilton Park is a waterfront park that includes a playground, boat launch, and a dock for fishing.  It is located along the Piscatagua River.  The Park has views of two large bridges, including the Sullivan Bridge.

We had a simple visit to the Hilton Park on the first stop of our journeys today.  As usual I had high expectations, which were fostered by numerous signs directing us to the “Hilton Park”.  We arrived at quite an unappealing spot, directly next to the bustle of the highway.  However, we were excited to stretch our legs, and see what we could find.  We started off to the dock, the shoreline rocks adorned with snow.  Shadow and Wilma peered out of the dock checking out the view, while Wilma let out some growls at the floating ice.  I was entertained by this moment, with her constant curiosity of the new and unknown moments in life.

From the dock we wandered along the water, stopping at the boat launch before heading over to the sidewalk under the bridges.  We continued to the adjacent part of the Park, gazing at the bridge beams as we passed under.  We soon turned around noting nothing too intriguing to be explored.  As usual I was awed by Shadow and Wilma’s shadows in the morning sun.  We spent some time near the water before heading off to our main destinations.  Quite an unappealing Park on a Winter day, but glad we could enjoy a morning walk (Rating;  2).

One thought on “March 3, 2019 – Hilton Park – New Hampshire

  1. It may be a bit more appealing in a different season, but you did go on to other more enjoyable things that day.


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