March 3, 2019 – Madison Boulder Natural Area – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the Madison Boulder Natural Area.  The Madison Boulder Natural Area is a State Park in Madison, New Hampshire. It is home to the largest glacial erratic boulder in North America. It is a granite rock that is 83 inches long, 23 feet high, and 37 feet wide. The Park is 17 acre in size and has various trails, including the main trail to the Boulder.

We had a massive Adventure to the Madison Boulder Natural Area on a gorgeous, sunny Winter day. I was not sure if we would have access to this Park due to the large amounts of snow so was thrilled upon arrival to see some groomed trailed for our trek. The trail was bright and sunny with huge amounts of fresh snow. Every once in awhile I had an “oh my” moment where my leg would sink deep into the snow, far above the knee. Luckily I was able to release my leg and mostly stayed balanced atop the snow. There was several water areas circled by snow, adding a unique feature of the season.

Upon arrival I was excited to see this gigantic boulder that I had read about for some time. We spotted it from afar, large and perfectly shaped. It was framed with fresh snow, streaming from the top. We began a trip around the rock, Shadow leading the way.  We walked past the boulder to get some photos from the backside, interestingly seeming to be a smaller and round in shape. Past the rock we found some more circular water spots, appearing to be a snow covered stream. Shadow was thrilled for some fresh water, while Wilma and I enjoyed the bubbling sound of water. From there we headed back to the rock, and then slowly ambled back to the car as we treasured another Adventure. So pleased to appreciate this famous landmark on this spectacular Winter day (Rating: 4)


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