March 3, 2019 -Saco River Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Saco River Covered Bridge in Conway, New Hampshire.  The Saco River Covered Bridge was built in 1890 and crosses the Saco River.  It was later repaired 80s as another bridge actually was swept away in a flood, crashing into it creating structural damage.  The Saco River Covered Bridge is also known as the Conway Covered Bridge.

We had a wintery Adventure to the Saco River Covered Bridge in Conway, New Hampshire.  The Saco River Covered Bridge has been one of my favorite covered bridges during our Fall visits.  However, today, I was quite disappointed as the side access was impossible due to the snow.  Therefore our view consisted of the front and back, combined with lovely ice filled views from the actual bridge.  We sauntered along the side walk area of the bridge on both sides, talking photographs along the way.  Although there was not excessive traffic, there was still enough to be cautious with in obtaining photographs.

It is interesting seeing landmarks, parks, and other areas in various seasons, creating a wildly different experience.  I believe all of our past visits to the Saco River Bridge have been in the Fall.  I have been with Shadow, Buster, Wilma, and my Mom.  Besides the gorgeous Fall foliage, we have been able to go down to the beach below to play in the sand, rest, and take in the spectacular views of the scenery.  I actually have some of my Mom’s beautiful framed photography from this spot in my home.  Probably the most gorgeous bridge I have seen in the Fall, while Winter really is not worth the journey.  However a fun experience seeing the Bridge in another season.  I definitely recommend a visit to the Saco River Bridge, although maybe not in the Winter.  Please see a collage from various of our visits below (Rating:  Winter – Undetermined, Fall – 5).

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