March 16, 2019 – Wells Beach – Maine

Today we Adventured to Wells Beach in Wells, Maine.  Wells Beach is one of the largest sandy beaches in Maine, offering about seven miles of sandy shores.

We had a perfect sky-day on our Adventure to Wells Beach.  I was so pleased to start our weekend of Adventures with a gorgeous cloud filled and sunny day.  This made the beach just perfect for photography, and a walk along the shore.  The tide appeared to be in, making a small area of sand, much of which was covered by rocks.  Both Shadow and Wilma were thrilled to be at the beach, running, and playing.  I was impressed that Wilma seemed more comfortable with the water, sauntering along when the tide came in.  We walked and walked, snapping too many photographs as always.  The only thing that I did not prefer was that when looking away from the water it appeared to be very touristy, and commercial, houses and hotels lining the beach.  However being off-season we were lucky to have a quiet and peaceful day at Wells Beach.  Such a spectacular way to start our weekend in Maine (Rating:  4).


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