April 16, 2019 – The Meredith Sculpture Walk – New Hampshire

GToday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to The Meredith Sculpture Walk in Meredith, New Hampshire.  The sculpture walk is an exhibit of sculptures place throughout the town of Meredith.  The sculptures are created from artists in the Northeast and are located in areas including:  Main Street, The Mill Falls Marketplace, and along Lake Winnipesaukee in Hesky and Scenic Parks.  There are 32 sculptures along the walk. The sculptures are changed over time.

We had an educational Adventure to The Meredith Sculpture Walk in Meredith, New Hampshire.  I was feeling uncreative this morning pondering where to take an Adventure and was quite pleased when I located the Meredith Sculpture Walk in an online search.  There was a map available online, so our journey was set!  Upon arrival I was thrilled stumble on a brochure of the walk that included photos and information on the sculptures almost right where we parked.  This was so helpful as trying to use a phone for a map, and photos would have been a cumbersome feat.

The sculpture walk started on Main Street, soon weaving through a cobblestone store area, and crossing over the main road before beginning a walk along Lake Winnipesaukee, scenic mountains framing the Lake.  The structures were overall very clear to find, and the photos on the map really helped you to spot which one was next.  I posed Shadow and Wilma by many of the statues.  Wilma had entertaining moments with the sculptures, in some cases being nervous, while in one case even appearing to believe statue was a real person, so excited to greet “Archie”.   Shadow, having seen it all before, appeared to enjoy the walk and smells along the way, even enjoying his happy rolls.  I felt like a kid again, almost like a mystery to find each and every statue.  There was only one that we had trouble, but in the end located all 32.  And of course, as you may guess my favorite sculptures were the animals!

There were so many lovely parts to this walk besides the structures themselves.  We wandered across an adorable blue bridge, and docks throughout.  There were ducks along the way, benches, and some beautiful birth trees.  There were beautiful flower buds about to burst, winding trails through the park, and lovely landscaping.  We even found a man-made waterfall, and an over-sized patio chair, creating quite the photo opportunities.

This Adventure was just perfect, on a beautiful spring day.  I could not have been happier to find this amazing walk, and have a special Adventure with my Shadow and Wilma.  Not only did we love The Meredith Sculpture Park, but were so pleased to learn more about the waterfront town of Meredith.  We highly recommend you visit The Meredith Sculpture Park (Rating:  5).

5 thoughts on “April 16, 2019 – The Meredith Sculpture Walk – New Hampshire

  1. Just bobbed over from Sunshine and Celandines. Looks like the perfect doggy day out. It’s so nice finding dog friendly places, wherever you are in the world. The sculptures I blogged about are actually in England, UK. Shadow and Wilma look like very happy dogs. 😁


  2. Looks great—the sculpture hike in Brookline is much harder in terms of the terrain, but the sculptures are interesting.

    Mary Ann


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