July 10, 2019 – Boston Public Garden – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Boston Public Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Boston Public Garden is a large park in Boston, Massachusetts.  It was the first public botanical garden in the United States.  The Friends of the Public Garden and Common works to preserve the Garden, and also various other locations in the city.

We had a metropolitan Adventure to the Boston Public Garden.  Today was a unique Adventure for Wilma as she was solo, without big brother Shadow.  Wilma had an early morning appointment, while Shadow was relaxing at the Grandma and Grandpa spa we figured it was a good opportunity for some training, and an energetic walk.  I also did not feel Shadow would have enjoyed this Adventure due to the heat so we felt it would be a good day for both.

We began our Adventure to the Boston Public Gardens with some challenges with parking, however eventually decided to go for the Charles Avenue parking garage.  Valet parking seemed a bit affluent for me, however it appeared to be the best option, and really the only possibility.  The walk to the Garden followed a small side walk lined with many shops, restaurants, and businesses.  I found this to be a great urban training experience for Wilma as she took in all the new smells, sounds, and sites.

It did not take a long to arrive at the entrance to the Garden.  I was excited to visit the Garden, a place I had been thinking about visiting for a couple of weeks.  Although I have been to the nearby Boston Commons, I do not remember ever having visited the Garden.  The Garden was well manicure, with flowers, historic statues, and was centered by the scenic Lagoon. We made sure to walk around the entire Garden, not wanting to miss a thing.  We often took breaks, sitting in the shade, and hydrating on this extra-warm early afternoon.

Wilma’s highlights of the Adventure included:  chasing pigeons, relaxing in the shade, and the hunt of the overly-friendly city squirrels. She also appeared keen on walking on the cement around the Lagoon, peering at the swan boats, and watching the ducks.  Wilma was very curious about her new environment, however appeared quite content. My favorite parts included:  the Make Way for Ducklings Statue, the gorgeous flowers, the Lagoon and surrounding scenery, and watching Wilma experience a new environment.  We were grateful for a new Adventure, natural shade, and time to train.  The Boston Public Garden is definitely a fun place to explore (Rating:  3.5).

3 thoughts on “July 10, 2019 – Boston Public Garden – Massachusetts

  1. Even having been to the Common more than once, I have never visited the Public Garden. Another one for the bucket list. Thank you for stirring up interest in this site.

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