July 9, 2019 -Bowers Springs – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow and I Adventured to Bowers Springs in Bolton, Massachusetts.  This is the second time we have been there as Shadow, Wilma and I had been previously.  Bowers Springs is conservation land that includes a pond, trails, and grassy fields.  It is a popular destination for dog walking, and fishing.

We had a water-filled Adventure to Bowers Springs.  I decided to bring Shadow on a solo Adventure today knowing he would love a swimming Adventure and thinking there might be many uncontrolled dogs romping about.  And although Wilma probably would be fine off leash I still feel there is some on leash work to do before crossing into that world.  So I had a bit of a guilty conscious today but working two days a week, and knowing it is a good thing to for Wilma to have moments without her big brother (as she really does rely on him)….  we carried on…

Upon arrival at Bowers Springs I was surprised to find a full parking lot.  I parked in a nice shady parking spot and we headed off on our Adventure.  There immediately were loud, enthusiastic voices, which I later learned were likely summer campers.  We ambled down the shady trail, lined by trees., and surrounded by fields.  As soon as Shadow saw a glimpse of water he he began trotting, soon swimming, sipping, and refreshed.  Throughout our Visit I let Shadow lead the way and often just stood and watched as he swam.  The trail looped around the pond which was filled with lilies, fish, frogs, and I even spotted a snake (yuck!)  It was tranquil, and although a warm day, the shade made it pleasant.

About three quarters around the pond we joined a large group of dogs at the beach area.  Shadow was very excited to make some new friends, and of course to get some treats from some generous owners.  It was adorable seeing him so happy to socialize with some furry friends .  He was so excited he almost forgot about swimming, but eventually  did wander back.  I chatted with the other dog parents for a bit, and smiled as I watched Shadow enjoy the moment.  We stayed for a bit before one dog was getting to be a little too excited so we decided to continue on our walk.  Shadow continually found places to go into the water and swim.  It was great to be able to let him swim wherever and whenever he wanted.  I sat down for a bit in one location, sneaking a peak at Wilma napping on my home cameras.  Such a nice little private Adventure for Shadow, and although we missed our Wilma Mae, we think it was the best afternoon plan for all.  If you are a dog lover in the area, I would highly recommend you visit this quiet location (Rating:  3.5)

PS – I unfortunately could not locate any photos from our first visit, although I am wondering if I may not have taken any??  If they do appear I may share another time.








As you can see by this spy cam photo below (little girl on the left in the corner)…Wilma was quite alright!  🙂  I apologize that I did not fix up the couch blankets and straighten the rug before sharing!


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