January 6, 2019 – Fort Sewall – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Fort Sewall in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Fort Sewall is located in Gale’s Head. It was first established in 1644 and utilized for defense in several different wars, being expanded throughout the years. The Fort was turned over to the town in 1922 and is now a public park.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. Fort Sewall was one of our stops. It was the second time we have been to Fort Sewall as we had been there two years ago with Shadow and my Mom. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. The sun was shining on the water, creating a marvelous view across the Harbor. This was a popular spot on this lovely, and unusually warm January day.

The Fort is located in the middle of a paved path that winds over and around the Fort, while displaying views of the Marblehead Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. You can even see the Marblehead Lighthouse, far across the waters. We walked above the Fort marveling at this magnificent seaside location. We took several detours to explore the areas along the rocks. There were many benches along the way to sit and relax.

After looping around we went down to the Fort to peak into the doors and windows. I was humored watching Shadow and Wilma as they seemed curious about what was behind the walls. We then sauntered through the grass taking some time for some dog rolls and stretching. A simple location but another quite picturesque spot in Marblehead. So glad we could enjoy some time at Fort Sewall today (Rating: 4).

I am continuing to have challenges downloading videos but if and when it appears I will add it to this post.

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